Aquaguard BLAZE RO UV MTDS Water Purifier

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Capacity 4 Liters
Type RO+UV
Water Type Hard & Soft Water
Purification Functions RO+UV +MTDS

The all new Aquaguard Blaze RO Plus UV Plus MTDS Water Purifier is here to transform the way we have known water purifiers. As claimed by the company, it is truly an All-in-one purifier which not only secures your water from harmful chemicals, metal pollutants and germs but also provides you with hot and ambient water. Now you can directly access purified hot drinking water and don’t have to waste time and energy in boiling water. Boiling often depletes water of the essential minerals and also makes the water extremely tasteless but with this amazing purifier you are guaranteed hot water with taste and minerals intact. With a storage capacity of 7 litres you have enough water in stock with or without electric power.

Advanced Purification

The Aquaguard Blaze RO Plus UV Plus MTDS Water Purifier ensures the safety of your water by passing the water through a number of filters. Its active copper technology enriches your drinking water with the advantage of copper and its mineral guard technology ensures that your water contains the essential minerals. The Chemi-block ensures that your water doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like chlorine or other organic impurities. With the Reverse-Osmosis pesticides and heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury are safely eliminated from the water. Its dual RO and UV technology purifies the water of impurities and germs. In addition to that, the MTDS controller enables adjustment of taste depending on where the water is sourced from.

All-Round Convenience

The Aquaguard Blaze RO Plus UV Plus MTDS Water Purifier features a stainless steel tank with 304 grade protection in order to prevent any smell of burning plastic in the water owing to the heating mechanism. The steel tank not only adds longevity to the purifier but also provides a premium aesthetic design. It features a Zero Pressure Pump that not only works at minimum Pressure but is also capable of creating suction of up to 3 feet. It can be placed on counter top or mounted on the wall according to the space available.

More Information
Brand Aquagaurd
Category Water Purifier RO
Purification Functions UV, RO, MTDS
Alkaline Function No
Purification Method Multi-Stage Purification
Purification per Hour 15 Liters
Storage Tank Capacity 4 Ltrs
Water Dispenser Hot Water, Cold Water
TDS Range 1 - 2000 mg/l
Water Type Soft Water, Hard Water
Taste Modulator Yes
Additional Features
  • Dual RO and UV Protection
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Chemi-Block and Mineral Guard Technology
Dimensions (W X D X H) 440 x 330 x 490 MM
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
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