Usha 35 L Oven Toaster Griller OTGW 3635RC

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        USHA OTG – The Bakery Specialist

        Mom’s Bakery…

        Every kitchen is now a Mom’s bakery – The new range of OTGs by USHA transforms your kitchen into your child’s happy place, where all the magic happens and a special bond is created.

        Bake the yummiest cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, bread and many more delicious treats for your little ones and gift them the unforgettable taste of your personal touch, in their favourite delicacies!

        The Super OTG

        The new range of OTGs by USHA – India’s leading name in kitchen appliances is available in four new capacity variations of 19 Litres, 29 Litres, 35 Litres and 42 Litres. Say ‘Yes!’ to patisserie-style baking at home with these Oven-Toaster-Grills.

        Apart from the regular baking, toasting and grilling, you also get perfectly brown roasts, thanks to the new 360° rotisserie feature. Plus, you can use the OTG to keep your food warm for longer hours and always enjoy a hot and fresh meal!


        With an USHA OTG, your food cooks well, looks great and tastes even better!

        Health Conscious? Oil-free grilling of your favourite veggies and meats keeps the smoky aroma and flavour intact and calorie count in check!

        Sweet Toothed? Bake soft, spongy cakes that look and taste professionally made!

        Seasoned Cook? Make gourmet pizzas, pastas, gratins, kebabs, muffins, cookies and more for guilt-free indulgence!

        Explore the brand new range of USHA OTGs and experience the joy of healthy fine-dining at home.

        Rice cooker
        Usha Cooktop
        Usha Cooktop
        More Information
        Brand Usha
        CategoryMWO Grill
        Capacity 35 Ltrs
        Watts 1600W
        Dimensions (W X D X H) 58.1 x 42.8 x 41.5 cm
        Manufacturer Warranty 2 Year
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