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        Capacity 7 Liters
        Type RO+UV
        Water Type Hard & Soft Water
        Purification Functions RO+UV

        Enjoy advanced water protection with the brilliant Havells DigiPlus Alkaline Water Purifier that works efficiently to provide you easy access to pure drinking water at all times. It is an elegantly designed water purifier with superior technology that makes sure your family’s health is protected from any and every water borne pollutant or germs. It comes with a stylish jog dial to dispense water. Its iProtect Technology cuts off water dispensing when it realises that the water isn’t safe enough to drink.

        Water Purification At Its Best

        The Havells DigiPlus Alkaline Water Purifier passes the entire volume of water through RO membrane and UV filters assuring a dual protection. Its double UV protection enhances the oxygen level in purified water and safeguards the hygienic level. By adding alkaline minerals, the purifier not only balances the pH of the water but also gives it an alkaline taste. It also restructures water molecules making them biologically active in order to improve pH balance, hydration, alkalinity & mineral absorption. It not only settles the pH of the water but also adds back a spectrum of minerals through its mineral cartridge making the water healthier and tastier.

        User Friendly and Efficient

        The Havells DigiPlus Alkaline Water Purifier processes self-diagnosis and sends out alerts for UV, SV or pump failure. Additionally it also monitors and display cartridge life and efficiency enabling you to plan your servicing needs in advance. It also gives timely maintenance alerts so your family is always ensured secured drinking water. Its easy to dispense, zero splash, hygienic dial delivers desired volume of water. The display panel also has a digital clock. Its gorgeous appearance added to such amazing features makes it a suitable choice for every household.

        More Information
        Brand Havells
        Category Water Purifier RO
        Purification Functions UV, RO
        Alkaline Function Yes
        Purification Method 8 Stages
        Purification per Hour 15 litre per hour
        Storage Tank Capacity 7 Ltrs
        Water Dispenser Regular
        TDS Range 2000 ppm
        Water Type Soft Water, Hard Water
        Taste Modulator No
        Additional Features
        • Jog Dial Water Dispenser
        • Alkaline Taste Enhancer
        • iProtect Purification Montoring
        Dimensions (W X D X H) 240 x 360 x 480 MM
        Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
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